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PostSubject: HOW THE ILLUMINATI BEGAN   Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:29 am

How and when did the Illuminati start? Who was the first member? How did they learn to organize? How did they learn the art of black magic and to rule through deception? How did they learn to make slaves of the human race since the beginning of recorded history?

According to the history the Illuminati system wants you to believe, we were all cavemen, dumb and stupid at the start and could not even make a fire?

The real story is more exciting and dynamic and the whole story is written down for all of us to see, if we actually want to know. And it is written in such a way that a child could see it.

It is written in the Book the Illuminati has been teaching the whole world not to believe since the beginning of time, the Bible. In the book all the PHD's will tell you is a myth, did not actually happen but are only stories, stolen from other societies?

All the experts are quick to tell you, it is not reliable? Why? Because it scares the shit out of them and they know they cannot change it or stop it from coming to the masses and that is why they have for so many centuries spent so much money to make you think it is not reliable.

This post will be real short. I will sum this up quickly, and every point I make I can show you in detail from Genesis to Revelation how the story unfolds step by step. This will be brief because it would otherwise be very long.

Adam and Eve had sexual intercourse with Lucifer. She became pregnant by both Adam and Lucifer, she had twins, Cain was first Able was last.

Cain the serpents seed killed Able, Adams seed. Cain went on to have children of his own and this family is called the Kenites. If you search the term Kenites on the web, you will never find a reference from the SYSTEM, as to who these people came from, and if you do, it will be a lie and deception. They are never called the children of Lucifer anywhere on the systems references. In any books any where put out by the system, you will not find what I am telling you here.

The children of Cain are the Illuminati and they are not Jewish at all, period. Cain was the first Illuminist taught by his father Lucifer to do all the evil that we all see today on this planet. Cain was taught to kill, steal and to destroy. All evil comes from this family, the Kenites and it started right in the Garden of Eden and that is why the Bible starts with that story, because it is the last story as well as the first story.

The Illuminati hate the Jewish people and they also hate the children of Israel. There are no Jewish people connected to the Illuminati and the Illuminati are the people on this planet that controls all the wealth of this planet, but they go around saying they are Jewish so they can hide again behind the fig leaf, just like Adam and Eve hid behind the fig leaf in the Garden of Eden after the sexual threesome with Lucifer.

The fig leaf is always symbolic of the Children of Israel from Genesis to Revelation, and that is why the fig leaf is such a good place to hide behind. Because it protects you from persecution of religion. and by hiding behind the fig leaf it also tells the world that they are Jewish when they are not at all.

This is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on a people, and it is written about in the Bible in picture language so anyone can understand it clearly.

I hope you have questions, I will try to answer.
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Number of posts : 4956
Location : Ardmore oklahoma
Humor : I hope so
Registration date : 2009-01-24

PostSubject: Re: HOW THE ILLUMINATI BEGAN   Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:59 am

A side note to the above post.

If you think there is a God in the multiverse, then you must also think it seems to me that the God that created you and me is more powerful than you or me or any other human types on this planet.

I think that is a safe assumption to make. If this is true and I think it is, then that same God will not allow anyone human or group of Humans to change or distort his word to you as his children?

I think that is also rational thinking. Many have tried to change the Bible and or destroy it. And many have died trying as well.

In the last 4 or 5 verses of the Book of Revelation, a final promise is made to all humans by God. If any man tries to change or distort the words of the Book, the Bible, that man will be judged by the very plagues of the Book.

The Illuminati have tried to do this and they have died trying. How do I know this? Because it is obvious, there are no references anywhere in the system reference of this ever happening, WHY? Because they don't want you to know this.

This is why the Bible is still here today, otherwise it would have been destroyed long ago.
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