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PostSubject: A BRAVE PSY-OP AGENT SPEAKS OUT   Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:01 am


American Police Action Plan for Stopping World Government Rule **Published by: Police Against the New World Order

[The following was excerpted from a lengthy letter received at our police and military education headquarters from a U.S. military psy-op agent. The letter itself has been burned, per the wishes of this brother, to protect his identity and his life from government despots who would wish to punish and silence him.]

“…one thing I want to explain is that often there are duties assigned to our agent teams which some of us will not follow, due to a certain amount of concern for our fellow Americans, and patriotism toward our own nations. When this happens our government leaders will hire any number of their tens of thousands of ‘private contractors’ who themselves, many times, are retired special forces soldiers. Today, as never before, our governments have a plethora of ‘specialists’, called private contractors, from more than 40 nations, who hire themselves out at high costs to do the unspeakable acts our government leaders wish to have committed – many times against our own citizens. 9-11 was one of those acts. [Our system is compartmentalized, and therefore most of our agents are not allowed to know what other operatives are doing. But, the word gets out over time.]

“Brother Jack, I’ve checked you out, my friend, including your military file and know that with a top secret clearance and working at the bases you worked at, you probably know that there are always those assets from foreign nations who will do anything to the people of other nations: mass bombings, mass poisonings, etc., for a large paycheck. Some of us psy-op agents have had to work in close proximity to these vile, foreign mere assassins.

“…Jack, I need not remind of the definition of Psy-Warfare and Psy-Op. Basically it means, ‘Things are often not what they seem when it comes to world politics, i.e., violent events and war’. I speak of the present situation in the Middle East where those Arab groups who usually come forward to claim their success at dealing death to their enemies are not taking all the credit regarding many of these violent attacks. Yet they are accused daily by our government of unspeakable acts against their own people. Why don’t they come forward and claim the credit? Perhaps it’s because they did not commit the unspeakable act against their own people! We were told that the Israeli leaders wanted a civil war in Iraq so that the Muslim people could never conjoin back together to challenge their occupiers. Hence, the beginning of another secret Psy-Op program and actions of the Iraqi Muslim Sunnis killing the Shiites and the Shiites killing the Sunnis… ‘Civil war’, if you can see what I mean.

“We, the Brits, and the Israeli Mossad are the very best in the world today in Psy-Op Warfare, which is simply misleading and misunderstanding the focus of the masses toward selected ‘evidence’ subjects and targets…

“…psy-warfare is not new, …assassinations and bombings of your own nation’s people, or your allies, and blaming it on a pre-selected target has been a major method of warfare for government for hundreds of years. The purpose is always to cause change of some kind. For example, to change the people’s feelings and perspective on war against their new, alleged enemies, or causing enough fear to have the people give up their guns to allow the government to keep them safe. [Don’t laugh!... these are programs psy-ops are working on presently.] The private sector groups use Psy-Op acts to cause the masses to support them or to not support their enemies. For example, for years the JDL [Jewish Defense League] around the world have spray painted Swastikas on their own synagogues, and bombed their own synagogues, and blamed it on ‘anti-Semites’ to get sympathy and raise more funds to fight anti-Semitism.

“Others in the private sector use such tactics too. It works well! Sometimes unpopular groups will do things to gain sympathy from the masses. [Or the government will act to get sympathy for the unpopular group they wish to become popular.] For example, during a march by the unpopular group, without the group’s knowledge, group leaders will inject a few protagonists onto the scene to shoot or stone the police, and get the police to come out in force against the unpopular group. The group and the news agencies then crucify the police for attacking the unpopular group, and thus the group gets more widespread sympathy from the public. And if a few members of the unpopular group get killed or injured?... so much the better.

“The problem for people in general – and what makes this psy-op misdirection work so well – is that, due to having a somewhat strong personal moral code themselves, the people can’t believe that their own leaders have no honor and no integrity. They can’t believe in such low trickery and treachery on the part of their own leaders. This gives their treasonous, a-moral leaders a free hand to manipulate their moral mass followers in most any fashion they wish.

“…Psy-Op psychological manipulation has many facets. Bombings and bullets [assassinations] are a necessary part of changing the mass mind, but there is much more to such successful mental manipulation of the masses. ‘Creating evidence’ of a crime, or creating and faking government intelligence reports, or faking the alleged involvement of a selected target in the crime or terrorist act is most of what we do.

Finding subjects who will take a pay-off for false testimony is another duty that goes a long way in misdirecting the masses. Example: Locating, within our nation our leaders wish to attack and take over, a former high official willing to accept secretly, say, one million dollars to come forward and lie, stating that he/she personally saw, for example, those nasty WMDs, in the case of Iraq. Just such tactics were employed to mentally push the American people toward a war against Saddam. Iran and other nations are next. This is a very easy part of our job. Many will lie for wealth, as you see in America. With total control of the government and the media it’s always successful.

“One last area of great successful use of our talents is in creating realistic but false videos, dvds, or audio recordings of individuals, used as ‘evidence’ of a terrorist attack or crime. One of our easiest duties today, with all the new technology, is in creating this kind of false physical “evidence’, etc… False evidence presented by their government leaders moves the masses mightily in direction the government chooses…

“Using new computer technology and taking a video and a voice print of you, Officer McLamb, in just a couple of hours, we agents could have you on TV dancing on top of a pile of dead Catholic Nuns, with you shouting that you just purchased 100 WMDs from the Boy Scouts of America. You name it, we can create it!

“As I’m sure you know, there have always been those throughout history, and such as are in power today, who believe it is an efficient and expedient political/military tactic to sacrifice the lives of a few of their own citizens to cause the fear and panic which will allow for the acquisition of the greater goal. Militarily speaking, and pragmatically, they’re correct in their assessment. This is the political philosophy of ‘the end justifies the means’… which the internationalists, who control most governments today, live by.

“…as you had said in the summer issue of Aid & Abet, ‘what tyrannical world leader would not sacrifice the lives of 3,000 or 30 million, of their countrymen, in order to rule the world?’ So very true.

Part 1
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Number of posts : 2496
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PostSubject: Re: A BRAVE PSY-OP AGENT SPEAKS OUT   Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:02 am

Part 2

“When the professional hears of the ‘terrorist’ attacks anywhere, alleged to have been at the hands of ‘insurgents’, ‘rebels’, ‘anarchists’, ‘revolutionaries’ or ‘terrorists’, [whatever the label chosen by the government] a good Psy-Op operative looks very carefully – in the opposite direction than what the ‘evidence’ or government media report directs the masses to look. A Psy-op agent looks to those who would benefit most from each of these terrorist or criminal acts. [Wouldn’t it be nice if the American people would be as awake and intelligent?]

“most national terrorist events are planned by governments against their own people to move and misdirect the people, through the planting of fear and hate-producing acts of death and destruction, ‘perpetrated by some evil enemy’. The reason for this is… ‘it works so well, and is efficient’!

“...most governments today have their own Psy-Op units/agents who carry out such covert operations. It’s usually not the group, faction or nation whom the targeted masses have been led to believe was involved in the act of mass death and destruction. Let me give you an example: It is reported that a ‘suicide bomber’ has driven a car into a crowd, exploded a bomb and killed numerous Iraqis. The first thing a professional Psy-Op agent who was not involved will do is assess all the angles of the event.

Based on their years of training, the will assess ‘just what was accomplished by this bombing?’ How ere the masses psychologically moved by the event? Was the motivation for the bombing truly what the government and media reported? Are the Iraqi ‘insurgents’ trying to scare the Iraqis from aiding the Americans and their allies’? Or, do such bombings not also help turn against their own ‘freedom fighters’ who have been accused of the bombing? Would this not hurt the cause of freedom fighters? Yes, so why would the freedom fighters commit such acts against people of their own faith? Who benefits most when a bombing kills Iraqi men, women and children, and turns the Iraqi people against their fellow Iraqi freedom fighters? … those the government blamed for the bombing?

“We’ve learned that the private contractor Psy-Op bombings and killing of Iraqi men, women and children – the blaming of it on their own freedom fighters – does not convince all Iraqis that their own freedom fighters committed these acts of death; many Iraqis are too smart! But these mass murder bombings do convince Americans, Brits and other coalition nations that the Muslim ‘insurgents’ are absolute animals who deserve to die, or be tortured to death! And it’s more important to our governments that Americans and Brits believe the ‘insurgents’ committed the bombings, than that the Iraqi people believe it.

“…as to the car bomb event we alluded to above, what do you truly know? How do you know that the driver had physical control of the car or truck when it blew up? How do we know if the driver was alive when the vehicle drove into the crowd? There are many dead bodies around, or it’s easy to make a dead body in to the ‘driver’! How do we know that there was a driver of the vehicle at all, with so many body parts all around the crime scene? [We have remote control abilities.] How do you know that it was not a brain-washed individual whom we put in the car, to do whatever he is commanded? You will never know, unless you’re one of the Psy-Op agents who works the crime scene [or his superiors].

What the general public hasn’t paid attention to is, WHO are the only ones allowed into the crime scene to investigate the crime? Who handles all the ‘evidence’ from the crime scene? Who writes the final crime report to be disseminated to the ‘imbedded’ news reporters? Answer: It is your friendly government psy-op agents! Unlike in the past, when it was the most well trained human military assets, equipment and technology which ultimately won the war or prize, today it’s through their Psy-Ops teams that powerful national and international leaders more efficiently further their goals to acquire more power and wealth. Their having no ethical considerations to deal with, it comes straight out of the ancient war book of Sun Tzu that those who wish to rule, stay in power, and amass greater wealth operate today.

“Most regrettably, it’s the Americans, Israelis and Brits who are the targeted masses of psychological manipulation by their own leaders today. America, Briton and Israel, are bombed by their own very secret agencies for political reasons, to cause their citizens to move some direction through fear and panic. This pushes these people further into the arms [and under control] of their tyrannical government leaders. As you know fellow soldiers, Americans were subject to government bombings to get them behind the start of the wards in the middle east. Briton carried out government bombings of their public transportation system to cause the British people to vote to stay in the internationalist’ wars for land, power and oil in the middle east.

Israel is always being subjected to secret government bombings to keep them terrorized, as well as to keep the billions of American dollars in aid flowing in to ‘save them from the monstrous Palestinian terrorists’. These Israeli government bombings also keep those who support Israel going along with the Zionist’s violent takeover of more Arab lands. Some may ask how I know these things?’ It is because of my very close association with Israeli national psy-op agents. For years we American PO agents have worked in close association with the Israelis on certain acts meant to psychologically move Americans, Brits and Israelis against the Arabs, and to support restrictions on their own freedoms and rights. It’s a game!

The goal is to keep these three nations’ people headed in the same direction. I’ve discovered, late in life, this direction is not toward a free society. Most of our military brothers and sisters believe in their government and follow all their orders – believing of course such orders have to be for the good of their nation. What patriotic chumps we’ve been!

“You may remember that a couple years ago Russian government leaders successfully blew up and murdered hundreds of their own school children in a local Beslan school, blaming it on a group of Muslim, pro-Chechnyan rebels. President Putin’s plan worked well in stopping the Russian people from criticizing the Kremlin or having sympathy for the Chechnyan people. Creating a climate of fear and hatred, it served to bolster the Russian people’s support for the monumental death and destruction Putin continues to spearhead against the Chechnyan people.

As one can see, if government leader have no moral code, psy-warfare works most effectively and efficiently. Because it does, we can look forward in the months and years ahead to more alleged ‘terrorist acts’ being committed by governments – unless, that is, the people of those nations wake up and realize that the top levels of most governments are universally immoral and completely ruthless – amenable to any level of death and destruction if it gains them more wealth, power and control.

I’ve seen it, and lived it for decades. I’ve written this letter for distribution, hoping that it can help our fellow Americans realize that ‘the news’ they hear and read is mostly contrived and controlled by powerful people, totally accountable to those whose lives they manipulate and control. And certainly, that needs to change!

“Officer Jack, please burn this letter immediately after recopying it to protect my identity. I’ve been a bit outspoken in the past, but if I’m ‘above ground’, I may write again. But, as mail is being opened and e-mail is being perused by NSA, the Home Land Security clowns and foreign agents, I’ll have to be creative in my delivery means in the future.

“As my last thought, thank all our brothers and sisters there at Aid & Abet for their efforts to educate our peers and save our world from the powerful international riffraff. It’s not an easy task, but do-able. There are so few of them and so many of us. It’s past time to stand and speak out against our oppressors – while we still can!

I do wish our fellow soldiers could awaken to the truth of how they are being used by anti-American leaders against their own people, their own families’ freedoms and against their sovereign nation – much sooner than I did. As you know, the problem is that we soldiers are daily subjected to the psychological sham, the lie, of ‘We are the patriots, serving and protecting the homeland.’ So sad that this is no longer true!

“I have recently left my military profession, but do not wish to be taken out at this time, so I will sign off with my less well known name – “Sinbad”, Psy-Op agent no more!

Please click link to read about the Police Action Plan for OPERATION VAMPIRE KILLER and how these brave men want to educate and protect us.
May God Bless them and keep them safe.

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PostSubject: Re: A BRAVE PSY-OP AGENT SPEAKS OUT   Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:25 am

Great posts Linda. The police against the NWO is a great group that has been around a long time.
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